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There are two key qualities of effective resume writing. The first is the correct layout. The second is effective use of words. The layout will depend on your level of experience, general work history, education and related skills. The layout grabs attention and quickly communicates ‘that’ you are qualified. The writing presents it all in a manner that holds attention and explains ‘why’ you are qualified.  When you combine great writing with the right layout or resume template, you get results like these:

Chronological Resume Templates Functional Resume Templates

When you are using a resume template, not only do you need effective layouts, but you need a clear set of guidelines on how to write each section. Without effective writing, a great layout won’t get you far. The writing does not need to be hard, you just need the clear guidelines in front of you as you write.  In these guidelines, we also explain the use of the combination approach to get all the benefits of both skills based resume templates and chronological templates.  Here are a couple examples of completed executive resumes:

combination-resume-templates.gif Executive Resume Templates

Combination Template               Executive Template

If you want to learn how to write a resume, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with the basic principles of resume writing: we have hundreds of free sample resumes for you to reference and then we give you templates from which to work. Lastly, you’ll be able to provide the perfect introduction with our professional cover letter templates.

On this site, we’ve made our sample resumes available for free.  If you purchase our template package you will receive the templates in addition to all of our samples in a convenient zip file.  All documents are in MS Word format of course. Sooo… here are the libraries:

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